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Actors Headshots in the Tiny Space Studio

We have been shooting A LOT of actors headshots over the summer here in Chicago and I am loving every minute of it. This is @asya_meadows777 a Chicago actor who came in and needed some fresh headshots for an upcoming show and auditions. Man, and I can't get enough of these shots! I mean, Asya turned on the personality for these and really gave me such a variety of looks. And that smile...

In general, here at the Tiny Space Studio, we try and keep our headshot shoots fairly simple. Our approach is to put our clients at ease, basically by shooting the shit and talking to you like we have known you for years. Then we use our simple, clean and modern lighting techniques to make you look fabulous. We will boss you around to get you into the posed we want (of course in the nicest of ways). We will push your smile to the limit, make you look serious, goofy, and sexy and many expressions in between. We will of course get a couple mid-blink shots, from time to time, that will look like you may have had one too many Chardonnays, but we will also get the best actors headshots you have ever had. At least that is the goal and we have had hundreds of satisfied customers.

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